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The Government of Antigua & Barbuda and Digicel are partnering on a collaborative project and are deploying cutting-edge Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) technology.

In a recent report, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development advocates that Governments around the world need to rapidly formulate and implement national multi-sectorial broadband plans or risk being seriously disadvantaged in today's increasingly high-speed digital environment.

The report, entitled Broadband: A Platform for Progress, argues: "To optimize the benefits to society, broadband should be coordinated on a countrywide basis, promoting facilities-based competition and with policies encouraging service providers to offer access on fair market terms".

One study suggests that every 10% increase in broadband penetration could contribute an extra 2.5% to GDP growth. Other data cited in the report suggest that, for low- and middle-income countries, a 10-percentage-point rise in broadband penetration could add up to a 1.4-percentage point rise in economic growth.

Why 4G LTE Broadband?

  • It provides some of the highest speed, wireless broadband commercially available in the world, enabling a new world of video calling, streaming, and data transfer. Real world speeds of over 10 megabits per second will be available.
  • High speed wireless broadband will be available to everyone, including the hundreds of thousands of visitors.
  • Great support for next generation schools' platform supporting video and other data intensive applications.
  • Gives Antigua and Barbuda an ICT commercial advantage since the 4G LTE platform will reposition the country as the technology leader in the Caribbean, drive GDP upwards, enhance job creation and encourage inward investment.
  • Gives Antiguan businesses low cost, high speed access and enables new businesses to develop.
  • It will cover major urban areas, resorts and hotels.
  • 85% coverage in the first phase with LTE coverage continuing to improve to a full 100% coverage based on demand.
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