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Component 1: ICT Cadet Programme The ICT Cadet Program, officially launched on June 14th, 2012, is a recruitment initiative that targets individuals who have completed secondary school. In the first phase of the program, two hundred seventy-five (275) persons will acquire technical skills as well as gain valuable work place experience...

Component 2: e-Education Computer Tablets and e-Education Connectivity The Ministry of Information has begun implementing a master plan that will see the deployment of advanced wireless technologies to all secondary school students... {Learn More}

Component 3: 4G LTE Connectivity for Government (e-Government) The operations of Central Government will also be positively impacted, as GATE will propel forward the e-Government agenda as the Government modernizes the way it provides services to the citizenry... {Learn More}

Component 4: Multipurpose ICT Training Facility and Special Needs Resource Center The facility, which will be outfitted with 4G LTE enabled computers and smart boards, will serve over 2700 students at six schools... {Learn More}

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