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The operations of Central Government will also be positively impacted, as GATE will propel forward the e-Government agenda as the Government modernizes the way it provides services to the citizenry.

1000 dongles will be provisioned with 4G LTE connectivity enabling even remote Government offices to receive high-speed broadband Internet connectivity. This 4G LTE connectivity will be available for five years, in the first instance.

Government will be able to deploy e-Government solutions at revenue collection points and locations where Government provides services to the public. The Passport Office, Immigration Department, Lands and Survey Department, High Court Registry, Mt. St. John's Medical Centre, District Medical Clinics are among those agencies that will be positively impacted.

Government will leverage on this 4G LTE platform to deploy closed circuit TV (CCTV) technology to improve national security as well as to offer telemedicine services at the Mt. St. John's Medical Centre.

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