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What is the purpose for the ICT Cadet Programme?

The ICT Cadet Programme is a component of the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) - an initiative of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Science and Technology in partnership with Digicel. The Mission and Vision of the ICT Cadet Programme are as follows:

a) To build human capacity in Antigua and Barbuda b) To inspire entrepreneurship c) To establish Antigua & Barbuda as the ICT capital of the Caribbean

The vision of the ICT Cadet Boot camp is to stimulate economic growth by building human capacity, reducing unemployment and creating a competitive labour market. It will help to foster a society of ICT driven entrepreneurs and encourage social entrepreneurship.

For more information and background about the ICT Cadet Programme, please visit the About section.

How can I contact the ICT Cadet Programme?
The ICT Cadet Programme can be contacted by:
Telephone: (268) 734-GATE (4283)
Fax: (268) 468-4644
How do I apply for the ICT Cadet Programme?
You can apply for the ICT Cadet Programme using one (1) of following methods:
  1. Online via the GATE website:
  2. By downloading the ICT Cadet Application Form and submitting via email to OR faxed to 468-4644 OR delivered to:
    ICT Cadet Programme,
    Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Science and Technology,
    Coolidge Business Complex,
    Sir George Walter Highway,
    St. John's, Antigua
When will the programme start?
The programme is expected to start in July with a pilot cohort. There will then be additional intakes later in the year.
Who qualifies for the ICT Cadet Programme?
At this time, the ICT Cadet Programme is open to:
  • Anyone that has completed 5th Form can apply to the programme. There is no upper age limit.
  • Nationals of Antigua & Barbuda
  • Persons currently unemployed
Is there a time frame that you stop accepting applications?
Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
How long does the training programme last?
The ICT Cadet Programme is a six (6) month training programme.
What is the structure of the ICT Cadet Programme?
The ICT Cadet Programme is comprised of four (4) blocks:
  1. Connect Antigua & Barbuda Initiative
  2. Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Diagnostics
  3. Support for Community Projects
  4. New Media
For more information about the blocks, please visit:
Do I have to complete all of the blocks?
Yes, depending in which series you are registered for. The ICT Cadet Programme is divided into two (2) series.
  • Series 1: Blocks 1 - 3
  • Series 2: Blocks 1 - 4
The Cadets will be required to complete ALL of the blocks in the Series that they are registered in. Due to limited space, qualifying Cadets will be enrolled in Series 2.
I plan to apply to university, is the ICT Cadet programme something I should apply to first?
  • If you have already been accepted into university or a programme of higher education then you should not apply to the ICT Cadet programme. The programme is six (6) months long and it would therefore be impracticable to finish the ICT Cadet Programme before the start of an academic term at your university.
  • If you are awaiting a decision then you may still apply but you may not be accepted onto the ICT Cadet programme until a decision has been reached in regards to your university application
Will registering for this programme guarantee me a job?
The ICT Cadet Programme does not guarantee employment upon completion. However, we do guarantee you that we will provide you with the necessary skillsets and experience to better your chances of obtaining gainful employment.
How will I know if I have been accepted into the programme?
Successful applicants will be contact via email and telephone. If you have applied and have not received an email and/or telephone call, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details listed on the previous page.
Where is the venue for the training programme?
The course will be delivered at different facilities depending on the block you are in.
Will I be getting paid?
The ICT Cadet programme is not job. As such, cadets will not be getting paid. However, the Cadets will receive a monthly allowance of EC$700.00 to assist with basic expenses.
What will I need to be a part of the ICT Cadet Programme?
Upon acceptance into the programme, all Cadets will receive a Course Handbook. This handbook will outline all details such as requirements, rules and regulations for the programme.
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